Learn about the new role of NASA helicopters in support of the Mars Explorer


NASA has announced that it plans to move the Ingenuity helicopter into an operational role once it completes its remaining test flights on Mars, as NASA says those flights will include more precise maneuvers, greater use of its photographic capabilities, and most of all, more important risks. A fundamental change of spacecraft that was only initially meant to show whether or not flying through the Martian atmosphere is possible.

According to the site “engadget”, these tasks that you will undertake to support NASA’s explorer on Mars, include the following:

NASA says it can send Ingenuity on short trips ahead of the rover to explore potential routes, find roadblocks and photograph the terrain ahead.

NASA also says that these trips will not only be important to the success of the perseverance mission, but they will also provide a benefit for future missions.

And the final flight of the Ingenuity plane will take place before the end of August, that way, NASA has enough time to do whatever it plans to do with perseverance before the end of the year.

The helicopter completed its fourth flight this week after struggling to take off on Thursday, and early Friday afternoon, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said it was waiting for a data link from Mars to see if its second attempt on the fourth flight had succeeded without Any problems, as it was found successful, according to the agency’s data.


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