Lebleba and Elham Shaheen join Samir Ghanem’s farewell (video and photos)


1:38 PM

Friday, May 21, 2021

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

Photography – Mahmoud Abdel Nasser:

Lebleba was keen to say goodbye to her friend, the artist Samir Ghanem.

The body is scheduled to be buried in Al-Wafaa and Al-Amal Cemeteries, in Nasr City, where the graves of his family are.

The funeral witnessed a large presence of the stars of art, among them: Ahmed Al-Fishawi, Mahmoud Hamida, Yousra, Samir Sabry, Ashraf Zaki, Shaima Saif, Muhammad Carter, Ali Rabie, Aws Aws, Inas El-Deghidi, Hisham Jamal, Amr Al-Laithi, Eman Al-Sayed, Amr Mahmoud Yassin Sabreen, Hala Sidqi, Hamaki, Hamada Hilal, Bayoumi Fouad.

The great artist Samir Ghanem passed away on Thursday at the age of 84, in a hospital. Samir Ghanem, who was born in 1937 in the village of “Abu Kasah” in the Fayoum governorate, to a father who was a police brigade, whose origins date back to the village of “Arab Al-Atawleh” in the governorate of Assiut.

The late artist became one of the most important comedy stars in the history of Egyptian art, after a long career that began when he formed with his friends, the guest Ahmed and George Sidhom, the Trio of Stage Lights, which achieved great success, and after the death of the guest Ahmed, “George” and “Ghanem” continued to present theatrical works. .

Among the most prominent works of the artist Samir Ghanem are the play “The Married People”, “Juha Governs the City”, “My Brothers Hayes and I Lais”, “Do Re Me Foula”, “Welcome Doctor”, and others.

As for his most famous films, “The Man Who Sneezed”, “She answers her like this, she will give her like that, she is like that”, “Be mindful of Zuzu”, “Oh Lord is a boy”, “Girls want eh”, “Forbidden on the wedding night.”


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