Legalization of 1882 churches and buildings … a state, June 30, consolidates the principles of citizenship and national unity (video)


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National unity is one of the most important pillars of building and progressing Egypt throughout the ages, for the state to strengthen its efforts after the 30th of June revolution to uphold the values ​​of citizenship and national cohesion, in light of a safe and stable society in which there is no racism, sectarianism, or discrimination, united by solid foundations of coexistence, brotherhood, love and peace between The fabric of the Egyptian people is both Muslims and Christians, so that Egypt will return to its civilized position and embark on building a new state in which all the people of the nation participate.

Within the framework of these efforts, the Media Center of the Council of Ministers published a video highlighting the continuation of the main committee to legalize the status of churches in harmonizing and legalizing the conditions of the Egyptian churches, in order to consolidate the principles of citizenship and national unity.

The video revealed the position of legalizing the status of churches since the formation of the committee until April 2021, indicating that the committee has taken decisions to legalize 1882 churches and buildings, divided between 1,077 churches and 805 buildings.
The video reviewed the geographical distribution of churches and buildings that have been legalized and reconciled, at the level of the governorates of the Republic.

The video also confirmed that the Egyptian people, with their unity and cohesion, contributed to thwarting many of the plans that targeted the security of the homeland and stirring up discord among the sects of society, adding that the Egyptians set the most wonderful examples in defending their homeland and their identity and protecting their sanctities, especially the churches, so that Egypt remains the cradle of civilizations.

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