Live broadcast | Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Lance match today in the French League


The Parc des Princes stadium will host an important match between Paris Saint-Germain and Lance, this evening, Saturday May 1, 2021, for the 35th week of the French Football League competition.

Soccer 365 offers its followers to watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Lance match broadcast live today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 6:00 pm, Mecca time, that is, five oclock Cairo time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live on the BBC Sport HD2 channel with an audio performance by the commentator Horse mane.

Paris Saint-Germain managed to beat Metz by three for a goal in the last round, to raise his score to 72 points in second place, and the difference between him and the leaders Lille remains one point.

The PSG is moving at a steady pace in the league competition, as it achieves 3 consecutive victories, as it wants to be the fourth day in front of the opponent and seize the full mark in order to continue to put more pressure on the leader and try to sit on the lead, hoping to stumble today with the same round in front of Nice.

On the other hand, Lance appears in good form this season, as he is in fifth place in the standings with 56 points, after defeating Nim Olympique with two goals to one goal in the last round.

And he received a great moral boost after the last victory, as he will enter the meeting with all strength in order to continue the series of victories, as he will make every effort to do so by strengthening his score of points to deepen his position and not to abandon him to reserve a seat for him in the European League next season.


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