Liverpool intends to sacrifice Mohamed Salah in exchange for 145 million pounds sterling – the athlete – international stadiums


Press reports indicated that Liverpool may be forced to sell Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah to combat the grinding financial crisis afflicting the club.

Sky News Arabia, citing a report from the Swiss Rumble website, which specializes in the financial aspect of football, confirmed that Liverpool is facing great financial difficulties, and that it must think seriously and quickly about options that would help him improve his income.

Among the financial information disclosed by “Swiss Rumble”, Liverpool’s revenues from broadcasting this year fell by 23 percent, or 59 million pounds.

The profits of the English club from the sale of players also decreased from 45 to 27 million pounds, amid expectations that this number will continue to decline by 2022.

Among the things that add to the financial suffering of Liverpool, according to the “” website, is the issue of players’ wages, as the “Reds” is the second highest wage-paying team after Manchester United, with an annual bill of 326 million pounds.

Among the solutions available to Liverpool to get out of its crisis will be to reduce the sums that the club spends and maximize what it can pound in the next season, of course, without relying on any revenues from the Champions League, which the team’s chances seem difficult to qualify for.

To face its stifling financial crisis, Liverpool can reduce its spending by selling or lending a group of players such as Marco Grojic, Harry Wilson, Sheridan Shaqiri, Luis Karius and Devoc Origi.

Finally, the site indicated the possibility of selling Mohamed Salah, which for many European clubs represents a valuable opportunity to capture the player, who had himself indicated the possibility of his departure from the “Premier League”, in order to benefit from the amount collected from his sale, which could reach 145 million pounds sterling, in Attracting a distinguished player who covers his absence, such as the Barcelona player on loan to Bayern Munich, the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho.

It is worth noting that Salah, who will be 29 years old this summer, is still associated with Liverpool with a contract that will expire in two years, but the constant question for months is when he will leave “Anfield”, especially after resounding statements issued by the player weeks ago, during which the transfer was not ruled out. To play the Spanish League.



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