Liverpool news today: Klopp defends the top scorer Salah and gives the Reds a boost over Sancho


Liverpool news today, Monday, May 3, witnessed several events, most notably that the Reds received a moral boost in their pursuit of Borussia Dortmund striker Jadon Sancho, as well as statements by Juergen Klopp to defend the selfishness of Mohamed Salah as a global scorer.

Liverpool news today .. the summer mercato in the Reds

Liverpool Echo newspaper confirmed that Liverpool received a boost in their pursuit of Borussia Dortmund striker Jadon Sancho, while there is also an update for Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic..

She added in the Mercato summer transfers news that the unwanted Liverpool star Sheridan Shaqiri has been supported for the summer transfer to Celtic and links to the website. Football Insider Now Shaqiri is a possible move north of the border.


She added, Liverpool was interested in signing Ismail Sarr in January, according to his agent, and the Watford striker may return to the market again this summer, according to a report..

Takumi Minamino is also likely to leave Liverpool in the summer, but he will have plenty of candidates in the Premier League.

Liverpool news today .. Klopp responds to the accusation of Mohamed Salah of selfishness

The German coach Juergen Klopp tried to put an end to the accusations that haunt the front line of his team, especially the Egyptian duo Mohamed Salah and the Senegalese Sadio Mane..

Some have accused Salah and Mani of selfishness, especially since they wasted a lot of opportunities, despite the fact that the Egyptian player scored 29 goals this season..

Klopp explained in statements to the British “Sky Sports”: “We took a look to see whether we are very selfish or not, but we are not like this, they are not more or less selfish now, this is not the case.”

The German continued: “The matter is that when an opportunity is wasted, you say you may have passed, this can be accepted in position or 2, when passing is available, but you cannot tell your attackers to stop your selfishness, and then there is no selfishness in the matter.”

Klopp believes that: “His team does not have enough confidence at the moment, and does not depend on the first touch, and wants to secure the ball, and it will go in the right direction and then delay and give the opportunity to the opponents’ defenders.“.

Klopp used a goal by Salah to deny him and Mane the charge of selfishness in front of the goal: “Two years ago against Chelsea, Salah launched from the right side and dodged, penetrated and fired a ballistic missile from 25 yards in the far corner, it was a great goal, it was not an opportunity in the first place, because he was there. 7 or 8 players between him and the goal, but when you have confidence you try, now we do not do that and we do not try from long distances“.

Mane presents one of his worst seasons with the Reds, scoring 13 goals in all competitions, of which only 8 are in the league.

While Salah succeeded, despite the poor results of his team, in scoring 29 goals in all tournaments, 20 of them in the domestic league, he finished them second in the scorers’ table of the competition with a goal difference behind Harry Kane, star of Tottenham..


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