Low oxygen and heart failure .. The state of health for Fna


02:07 PM

Tuesday 04 May 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

Sophie Fouad, the daughter of the producer and artist Imad Muharram’s sister, denied the validity of what was reported about his infection with the Coronavirus, explaining that his health condition had begun to improve.

In a special statement to “Masrawy” website, she said: “The uncle of the producer and artist, Imad Muharram, is not infected with Corona virus, and he was transferred 6 days ago to the hospital, due to his suffering from heart muscle failure, and this led to a decrease in the percentage of oxygen.”

She added, “His health condition has started to improve, and we are currently preparing to provide an ambulance to take him to the Heart Center, and it is likely that this will happen tomorrow.”

The artist Imad Muharram produced and acted in several works, including Al-Afrit, Mawlid and Sahibh Ghayeb, and Al-Revenge.


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