Mahdi Suleiman apologizes to Pyramids management


Pyramids goalkeeper Mahdi Suleiman apologized to the club’s management for what he called the misunderstanding that occurred in the last period and caused him to be banished from matches.

Al-Mahdi said in his statements to the satellite channel “Sada Al-Balad”: “Today’s session was held with Mamdouh Eid, and I apologized for the misunderstanding and what happened in the recent period. “.

He continued: “I have been in Pyramids for 3 years and have not made any problem, and things were positive and going well, but the last period has had a lot of pressure, and there are things about which a misunderstanding has occurred, and this is what I apologize for, and I hope that an understanding of the matter will occur.”

He added, “I hope to come back to the team and participate in the coming period, and I hope that the apology will be accepted and things will end in the acceptable manner for everyone.”

He continued: “There has been no negative situation with Mamdouh Eid, and I naturally do not like anyone to be angry with me, so I spoke to him and apologized to him.”

Regarding his relationship with Sherif Ikrami, he said: “I respect all goalkeepers within the team, whether Sherif, El Shennawi or Abdel Rahman, and they are all on good terms and we talk well between us, and what happened is a misunderstanding and there are many situations that happen in football and pass.”

He concluded, “We all have one goal, which is for one of us to participate and wish him the value of the guards well.”


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