Mansoura – Damietta train derailed (photos)


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Today, the “Mansoura – Damietta” train left the tracks in front of the city of Kafr Saad in Damietta Governorate, without any casualties due to a breakdown in the shunt.

Major General Tariq Mujahid, Director of Damietta Security, received a notification from the head of the Kafr Saad Center that a train derailed at Kafr Saad Center without any casualties.

Investigation officers, executive and security leaders moved to the place of the report, and it was found that the tractor of the train No. 47 coming from Mansoura and heading to Kafr Saad had left the tracks due to a malfunction in the shunt, without any injuries or loss of life.

The movement of the trains stopped due to the presence of the tractor and the train on the road, and the tractor was being lifted to put it on the line again and continue on its way.

A train derailed in Kafr Saad
A train derailed in Kafr Saad
A train derailed in Kafr Saad

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