Maran Al-Ahly .. Ajay and Ashraf continue to qualify


Junior Ajay and Ayman Ashraf, players of the first football team at Al-Ahly Club, participated in training sessions around the stadium and individual physical exercises, on the sidelines of the team’s collective training, which was held this evening at the touch stadium on the island.

The duo began individual physical exercises as part of their qualification program to get rid of the injury that kept them away from group training and matches in the last period.

Ayman Ashraf was absent due to his complaint of stiffness in the knee, while Junior Ajay complained of a back muscle strain.

The duo will perform the last stage of their qualifying program before gradually attending group exercises during the next period.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Ghazl El-Mahalla team at 9:30 pm tomorrow, Monday, at Al-Mahalla Stadium, in the nineteenth round of the Premier League competitions.


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