Maran Zamalek .. The return of Abdel Shafi .. Carteron’s message to the players.


The Zamalek team resumed training at its headquarters in Mit Oqba, this evening, Tuesday; In preparation for his next match against his counterpart Smouha next Thursday, after the players got a 24-hour rest after a draw against Pyramids.

Maran Zamalek witnessed the emergence of the team’s left back, Mohamed Abdel Shafi, after he recovered from infection with the Corona virus. Where the team players and members of the coaching staff were keen to shake hands with him.

The French technical director of Zamalek, Patrice Carteron, held a session with Mohamed Abdel Shafi before the start of the training; Where he was checked on his physical condition after recovering and the player then performed the stretches exercises.

After that, Carteron held a session with the team’s players, during which he was keen to explain the mistakes they had made in the previous Pyramids match to avoid their recurrence, calling on them to focus on winning the next Smouha match; To regain victories and move away at the top of the league.

The coach stressed to the players during his speech with them that the league is still in the stadium, stressing the need to play the next matches with the goal of winning only.

Mohamed Abdelghani, the team’s defender, took a break from today’s training; Feeling tired, he came to the club’s headquarters and preferred the medical device led by Dr. Muhammad Osama to give him a break from group training.

Abdullah Jumaa performed rehabilitative exercises at the club’s gymnasium today on the sidelines of the team’s training. Where he suffers from a pain in the knee’s inner ligament, and the medical device seeks to equip him to participate in group exercises as soon as possible.

The team’s goalkeeper, Mahmoud Jensh, only performed a therapy session and rehabilitative training in the club’s gymnasium today on the sidelines of the team’s training. He suffers from a back injury that he suffered before the Arab Contractors match, and the medical device seeks to equip him to participate in group exercises.

The team’s players performed a recreational training session during the team’s training today at the Abd al-Latif Abu Rujaila stadium in preparation for the next Smouha meeting, while Zamalek goalkeepers Mohamed Awad, Mohamed Fathy Qandil and Ahmed Nader al-Sayed performed strong training under the supervision of Brazilian Oliveira, the goalkeeper coach.

French Carteron held a private session with Tunisian Hamza Mathlouthi, right back for the team, on the sidelines of the training; As he made sure to give him some instructions to apply them in the upcoming matches.

Carteron also held a long session with Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the team’s player, on the sidelines of the training session; Where he explained some technical matters to him and gave him some instructions to implement them in the upcoming matches, stressing his confidence in his ability and that much is expected from him in the coming period because he knows his capabilities well.

The players who participated in the last Pyramids match mainly performed healing training during the team’s training today, and the coaching staff led by French Carteron preferred that the core group perform healing exercises for fear of being exposed to stress, while the rest of the players performed strong technical training under the supervision of the technical staff.


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