Marcelo will arrive late to Chelsea, and the trip will cost 20 thousand euros


He will be forced Real Madrid To spend nearly 20 thousand euros, in order to transfer his Brazilian defender, to the team’s match against Chelsea, in the semi-finals Champions League, Wednesday.

Marcelo will not be able to travel with the team to London, due to his commitment as a Spanish citizen to monitor polling stations for Wednesday’s Madrid municipal elections.

The Spanish government selects Spanish citizens randomly to act as election observers, a compulsory task that no one can shirk.

The Brazilian defender acquired Spanish citizenship several years ago, after spending more than 10 years in Spain.

Thus, Marcelo will not travel with the team on Tuesday evening, and he will have to travel on Wednesday, by a private plane costing 20 thousand euros, to catch up with the match hours before its start.

Thus, Marcelo will not be fully physically ready to play the fateful battle, in which the “royal” will have to win, to cross to the Champions League final.

Real Madrid had tied 1-1 with Chelsea in Madrid, which means that it must win in London, or draw 2-2 or more.


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