Marwan Mohsen apologizes to his colleague … and repudiates his father’s statements


It turned out Marwan Mohsen Through his Twitter account: “I had no idea what my father said and I was surprised by him today. Mohamed Sharif is one of the best attackers in Egypt now and my testimony in him is wounded. I apologize to him and apologize to all of my colleagues for any word issued by my father.”

He added in another tweet, “I ask the media and journalists not to use this in their favor … Anyone who has a problem with me communicates with me through the club and I hope not to try to communicate with anyone from my family again .. Thank you.”

I side, publishing Mohammed Sherif Through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram“Marwan Mohsen, the son of the country, is my brother,” referring to his acceptance of Marwan’s apology for his father’s statements.

And it was Father of Marwan Mohsen He has wondered what Mohamed Sharif presented in front of El Gouna, in the midst of defending his son, during a telephone conversation on Radio Youth and Sports in the midst of his comment on a television advertisement made by the star of Al-Ahly, which sparked a lot of controversy.

The father of Marwan Mohsen said: “My son’s announcement is Zarif and does not have a problem, and there is a second part that will be broadcast soon, and Marwan does not participate, and people see Al-Ahly’s attackers wasting opportunities now.

The father of Marwan Mohsen continued: “Marwan’s failure to participate in recent matches is mainly due to the point of view of the technical staff, and Al-Ahly’s level in front of El Gouna was not good. I know that injuries and match pressure are the reason, but some of the players don’t need, for example, Mohamed Sherif, what happened yesterday.”

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the father of Marwan Mohsen appeared in the media to defend his son against criticism, while the Al-Ahly striker participated in only 13 matches this season, during which he scored one goal and scored two goals.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly star Mohamed Sherif is living a great season with the Red Genie after his return from loan, as he tops the Egyptian League’s top scorer list this season with 9 goals, and he also scored 3 goals in the African Champions League.


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