May Kassab, in the video, is the first time I fast in five years, madam


Asterisk revealed May Kassab On a special celebration in the current month of Ramadan, confirming that she has returned to fasting this year after a five-year break due to the “pregnancy and breastfeeding” license.

May Kassab
May Kassab has been busy in recent years with pregnancy and childbirth

And Mai confirmed during her meeting with the media Ghadir Hassan, on the program “Fasting and does not wear every year”, broadcast on Radio 9090, that she has not fasted for 5 years because of pregnancy and breastfeeding, adding: This is the first year in which I fast after 5 years, and she asked everyone around me no one He asks me “Saim or no” and turns me away.

She said that she did not plan her life as an actress, singer, mother and wife, and she succeeded in these areas at the same time with the grace of God because she did not plan her life from the ground up.

Kassab added that at the beginning she did not understand social media and did not know how to deal with it. Follow-up: Stay lying if you said that I have a strong understanding of social media, noting that the personal life of the artist must remain far from social media, and she said: Some colleagues used social media Media is wrong, but I do not have the right to comment on their behavior, but it is certain that Social Media has emboldened people against the artist.

And she explained that she deserves a greater position than it is, adding: Our Lord is a writer for everyone who made a living, and I started small and got me back in the last 10 years, and the best thing in ten years is that I got married and left. Serial now.

Mai Kassab denied the reported interference in Oka’s separation from Ortega, and said: I am completely far from the problems between them, noting that the artist Salah Abdullah once violated her because she wrote a review of Eid films. Commenting: I regard Salah Abdullah as a father.

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