Medhat Shalabi: There is no ruling against Al-Ahly or Zamalek


Media Medhat Shalaby criticized Al-Ahly and Zamalek’s attack on the Egyptian referees, calling on the two poles to search for the causes of defeat or draw before justifying them because of the referees, explaining that accusing the officials of the two teams of the referees is just anesthesia for the masses so that they do not revolt against bad performance.

Shalabi continued in statements on his program, Evening On, on On Time Sports 2: “We will not go down and we go in the sand, and the audience is watching and clearly see the level of his team is difficult. You are laughing at him. You need to talk about the reasons for the terrible decline in the level of results and performance before the referees are accused.”

Shalabi continued: “There is no ruling against Al-Ahly or Zamalek, and when Al-Ahly says Zamalek, I count 12 penalties for him, so he definitely deserves them, and because you have only counted two penalty kicks this season, this is your right, and there is a mouse technique, so we do not want to create a hanger for failure.”

The committee running the Football Association rejected Al-Ahly’s request to bring in foreign referees for its next matches in the general league, and the committee insisted that the competition be completed with the Egyptian referees.

A source at the Football Association revealed that the current committee completely refuses to bring foreign referees to any match in the league.

The management of the Al-Ahly club sent a letter this morning to the Football Association requesting the appointment of foreign referees from the first European classification for all upcoming Al-Ahly matches, and that the club bear all financial costs, according to the competitions regulations «Article 110 c- In the event that any club requests the appointment of foreign referees for any participating match In it, and the union agreed to fulfill his request.


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