Media Iman Al-Hosary is a new victim of medical errors, my lady


The official page of the Egyptian media revealed Exclusive faithThe secret of her absence from view throughout the current month of Ramadan, and confirmed that she had undergone a surgery, the details of which had not been revealed for two weeks, with reference to her exposure to “unfortunate” medical complications that necessitated her undergoing other surgeries in the hope of avoiding mistakes.

Exclusive faith
Iman Al Hosary underwent surgery to avoid the mistakes of the first surgery

“We ask you to pray for a speedy recovery to the able journalist Iman Al-Hosari. Colleague Iman Al-Hosari underwent surgery two weeks ago,” wrote the official page of Iman Al-Hosari on Facebook.

We ask you to pray for a speedy recovery to the able media, Iman Al-Hosari, colleague Iman Al-Hosari underwent an operation two weeks ago …
Published byEman ElhossaryIn Monday, May 3, 2021

He continued: The matter that resulted in unfortunate complications, which resulted in the necessity to stay in the hospital and undergo several other surgeries, in a painstaking medical attempt, to avoid the damages resulting from the first operation, the last of which was yesterday, in the hope of stabilizing the situation or not taking another operation.

The statement concluded by saying: We ask you in these days of selflessness to pray to our dear colleague for a speedy recovery.

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