Media personality Iman Al-Hosari suffers from serious complications after surgery | news


The official page of Iman Al-Hosari on the social networking site Facebook published the developments of her health condition.

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The official page clarified the details of the health condition of the journalist, Iman Al-Hosari, who is currently staying in the hospital after she had an operation two weeks ago and resulted in complications that led to her undergoing a number of other surgeries, the last of which was an operation that she performed yesterday, in order to avoid the damage caused by the first surgery.

The official page of Iman Al-Hosari asked to pray for her during the blessed month of Ramadan, and the page added that in case the situation is not stable, Al-Hosari will undergo another process.

It is worth noting that the media, Iman Al-Hosari, presents the “DMC Evening” program, which belongs to the talk show programs and is broadcast on the DMC satellite channel.

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