Meet and Chat will come pre-installed on future Chrome OS devices


A recent report revealed that Google may allow Google Chat and Google Meet to be installed on future devices running on its Chrome OS, as the technology company has already begun to move from Hangouts to Google Chat, enabling more users to access the two applications.

Now, according to a report by 9to5Google, Google wants to make these applications more accessible to Chromebook owners, as it points to a new error that was recorded in “Preinstallation of Meet and Chat PWAs on Chrome OS”.

Android apps for both Google Chat and Google Meet are already available on the Play Store and can be downloaded easily, and with the latest step, Google is said to choose to install web apps on the Chrome OS operating system to help prevent storage swelling.

The report indicates that work on these default applications on ChromeOS devices has already started, with two new flags added to chrome: // flags, she says, and while one is for chatting, the other is for Meet.

Although the applications will be installed by default on devices running Chrome OS, users will still be able to uninstall them if they do not need them. Most likely, version 92 of Chrome OS will come with these two applications.


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