Megan Markle’s boyfriend: The Duchess “might have been wrong” by requesting that the title of Prince be granted to her son Archie


Omid Scobey, a close friend of Prince Harry’s wife Megan Markle and author of Finding Freedom, which is about the life story of Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle, admitted that the former Duchess may have been wrong in suggesting that her son Archie be given the title of Prince, during her controversial interview with Famous American journalist Oprah Winfrey.

Megan Markle and Archie
Megan Markle and Archie

Scobey added that Megan Markle may have misinterpreted the royal protocol regarding her son’s right to the title, as she revealed during the interview that there were concerns about the dark complexion of her son, “Archie” before his birth, and that these concerns explain why he was not granted the title of Prince, confirming that the family She tried to silence her, and the people inside the institution not only failed to protect her from malicious allegations, but also lied to protect others, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

Harry and Megan with Archie
Harry and Megan with Archie

Scobey added, “If we were just going through what Megan said to Oprah and what the palace said so far about the situation with Archie, then perhaps one can assume that Megan was wrong in explaining it,” continuing: “But we also know that there is a lot to this story that we don’t know.” Nothing about her. “

Megan Markle had said during the interview with Oprah Winfrey: “In the months I was pregnant (Archie), we had a conversation that he would not be given security, nor a title, as well as concerns and conversations about how tan his skin would be when he was born … what that means and how he would look … That, “and the couple revealed that their second child would be a girl, without mentioning her possible name.

Markle declined to reveal the identity of those who raised these concerns, saying that it would be “very harmful to them.” Megan described the British royal family as indifferent and liar, and accused Kate – the wife of her husband’s brother Prince William – of making her cry before her wedding.


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