Menna Arafa is exposed to a stinging wave of criticism after her recent announcement .. “Your voice is discordant.”


Relationships and society

Menna Arafa

The young artist received harsh and sarcastic criticism Menna ArafaAfter appearing in an advertising campaign for a mattress company, where she appeared during the advertisement performing a song with her voice, as well as dancing some moves to her tones.

Criticism of the voice of Menna Arafa

Soon, the video was widely circulated on the pages of the social networking site “Facebook”, and then a number of social media activists criticized the young artist, as well as mocked her voice, describing it as “annoying”.

Among the comments came, “Menna Arafas announcement, a world number factor in dislikes,” “Your voice is sweet and beautiful in singing, damn those who awakened this talent,” “Oh, I want you to make advertisements again, my dear,” “A talent worthy of being buried frankly”, “cacophony”.

Information about Menna Arafa

Menna Arafa, born in 1999, is 22 years old.

Two days ago, she celebrated her 22nd birthday with a photo on her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

– Her start in acting came in 2005 through her participation in the series “Cinderella” with director Samir Seif.

– After that, she participated in the movie “Industrial Bump”, which was the beginning of her emergence strongly and attracted the audience to her because of her innocence, and then she participated in a number of other works such as “Dream of a Life”, “Alba Romantic” and “Neighbors of Saad.”

– Her participation in Sitcom “A Man and Six Women” with artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi and the artist, Meeting Al-Khamisi, is also considered one of the roles that she starred most.

– She raised a lot of controversy about the fact that she was linked to the Youtuber, Ali Ghazlan, as they appeared on more than one occasion and romantic pictures and mutual comments spread between them, which made the audience guess about their emotional connection, but at the same time “Menna” denied the fact that they were related, and she confirmed this during her hosting of a program. “Ramiz is an official madman.”


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