Meteorology warns of Monday’s weather (Know it)


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The Meteorological Authority warned against the continuation of the very hot wave tomorrow, Monday, and direct exposure to the sun, especially at noon time, as the temperatures today in Cairo reach 39 degrees and in southern Upper Egypt 43 degrees.

And the Meteorological Authority revealed, on Sunday, the weather forecast, tomorrow, Monday, as the weather is very hot in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and the south of the country, hot on the northern coasts.

Regarding the weather at night, moderate weather prevails in all parts, and the Meteorological Authority stated that tomorrow, Monday, winds will be active in areas of northern Upper Egypt and South Sinai intermittently.

And about the expected temperatures tomorrow, Monday: Greater Cairo at 39 degrees and Lesser 22, Great Lower Egypt 39 degrees and Minimum 21, Great Northwest Coasts 33 degrees and Minor 20, Northeastern coasts and Central Sinai, Great 32 degrees and Lesser 20, South Sinai and the Great Red Sea mountain ranges 38 A degree and a minimum of 26 degrees, the north of Upper Egypt 41 degrees and a low of 23 degrees, and southern Upper Egypt 43 degrees and a low of 27 degrees.

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