Microsoft chooses a new font for Windows and its other services


The tech giant Microsoft plans to change its “default line” across services from Calibri to something else, as it has developed five new custom fonts – Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford and Grandview – for users to choose from.

In a blog post, the company also detailed the new fonts one by one separately and asked users to vote for the font they wanted to be the next default, and people could head to Twitter and vote for their favorite font from the list.

The new fonts come in different styles of sans-serif – human, geometric, Swiss and industrial, and in the event that you do not finish choosing the font that you want so much as the default font, Microsoft says, “All of them will be available in the font list, along with Calibri and your other favorite fonts in applications. Office in Microsoft 365 “.

According to Microsoft, “Tenorite has the general feel of a traditional sans serif column (a font without a Serif, or a border at the ends, like Times New Roman), but in a warmer, more friendly style, and Bierstadt is a subtle, modern sans serif font inspired by Swiss typography) In the middle of the twentieth century.

While Skeena is a subtle “human” based on traditional Serif typeface shapes, while Seaford is a subtle typeface rooted in old-style serif typeface design and evokes a comfortable affinity for them, so Grandview is a soft typeface derived from German road and railway signs Classics, which are designed to be read from a distance and under poor conditions. “

Microsoft believes that the default fonts “convey a distinct personality in its quiet way – a character that consequently becomes our personality as well,” and according to the company, it is “the visual identity that we present to other people through our CV, documents, or emails.”


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