Mimi Jamal tells crying the story of her love for her late husband, Hassan Mustafa, and his last words to her


The artist, Mimi Jamal, told the story of her love for her husband, the late artist, Hassan Mostafa, and why she stopped twice during her artistic career, during the “A Last Word” program broadcast on the channel on, by the media, Lamis El Hadidy.

Mimi said: “Twice I sat in them, not retiring, once when my mother was very tired and her Alzheimer’s toured her, and she apologized for the role of “Ragel Six Sitat” and returned the deposit, and the second time after the death of my husband, Hassan Mustafa, who is a good man, nostalgia and compassion, and all the attributes of the world in him, and I left after a year and a half. We brought Nora and Najla, and when all this age is tiring, I go and leave him and do not, of course, for 28 days I sat under his leg in the hospital, and the last day he saw me laying my hand on my cheek, he said, Mimi.

And she talked about their love story, saying: “We were colleagues together in the theater, and he had problems with his wife, and I did not like the role of the one with his feet and was upset. Hassan and Mimi began to speak. Sayed Badeer came to us in the theater, and said, “What words that happened to you? There is a need between you, so I said no, we are friends, there is no need between us.”

And she added: “Jeh Hassan told me that I was divorced 3 months ago. If I asked you to marry, you agreed. I told him, what is this surprise, and Mama did not agree because a big man has a daughter, and the middle is not good, and I needed Dahr, so I told him I agreed to marry you and marry us.”

Mimi Jamal (1)
Mimi Jamal

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Mimi Jamal

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Mimi Jamal

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Mimi Jamal

Mimi Jamal and Lamis El Hadidy

Mimi Jamal and Lamis El Hadidy


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