Ministry of Health issues a warning to the Egyptians: “Rule your mind and conscience, and take the vaccine.”


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Dr. Hussam Hosni, head of the scientific committee to confront the Corona pandemic, said that the hope for the end of the Corona epidemic is either to reach a vaccine or a cure drug, explaining that what is being addressed is just treatment protocols.

“Hosni” indicated, during a phone call to the “story” program on the “witness” platform, on Saturday evening, that getting the vaccine prevents exposure to complications from infection and entering a dangerous stage that may end in death, as it makes the symptoms simple.

Hosni stressed the importance of getting the vaccine to avoid dangerous complications, stressing that the side effects can be tolerated and disappear within two days, calling on the Egyptians to get the vaccine, saying: “Rule your mind and conscience and take the vaccine.”

He stated that those who feel the symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus should consult a doctor, as starting to receive the treatment protocol is necessary.

Hosni indicated that the percentage of oxygen in the body should not be less than 92%, and the temperature should not continue for more than 48 hours, commenting: “The one whose oxygen percentage in his body drops below 92%, or the temperature remains high for more than two days, heading To the hospital immediately ».


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