Moamen Soliman: Al-Ahly was lucky in front of Sun Downs in Cairo


Moamen Soliman, the former coach of Zamalek, believes that Al-Ahly team was lucky in the Sun Downs match that was held last week in Cairo in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, which ended with the victory of the Red Genie with two unanswered goals.

Suleiman said in televised comments on the Ontime Stadium program, on On Time Sports: “Sun Downs is a great team that we know as one of the poles of African football in the last five years, and it was very dangerous in the first Al-Ahly meeting, but Al-Ahly was lucky when it succeeded in exploiting a defensive mistake.” To score the first goal, then the fatal goal from the goalkeeper’s mistake. “

The former Zamalek coach warned Al-Ahly players about the uprising of the Sun Downs players in today’s match in South Africa, explaining that the host team will fight and play offensive football to compensate for the first-leg result and qualify for the semi-finals of the continental championship.

Regarding the expected formation of the match today, Saturday, between Al-Ahly and Sun Downs, Moamen Soliman revealed that Musimani should play with great realism and avoid surprises, and therefore the formation that won two goals in the first leg is the closest to participating in the second leg, because psychologically, technically and physically they are the most equipped elements that are currently in place, explaining that The only possible change to the formation would be the relief of Hussein Al Shahat

And the former Zamalek coach concluded: “Al-Ahly has the confidence of the champion, and this is his strongest point in today’s match, but the match will not be easy either, and the biggest mistakes that Al-Ahly makes if they dealt with the second leg with extra reassurance.”


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