“Modesty” brings Hanan Turk back into the limelight


The Egyptian actress stars in the film, which is based on creating sound effects

Hanan Turk returns to the art scene through a new film “Al-Nadah” (written and directed by Khaled Al Mahdi), which is considered the first of its kind in the sound cinema industry in Egypt and the Arab world. The Egyptian artistic sites stated that the work relies on sound and dramatic effects that put the listener in an interesting atmosphere of excitement, enjoyment and anticipation. The film will be shown on the Storytel website and app, which includes thousands of audio books in Arabic and English, in addition to all kinds of audio content. In this context, the information mentioned that the Egyptian actress has finished recording the film, and that it is currently in the editing stage. Turk plays the “Al-Nadah” championship alongside her colleagues Hani Adel, Amr Al-Qadi, Aya Hamza, Aida Fahmy, Muhammad Kamel, and Ahmed Khalil Al-Sharqawi. The events of “Al-Nadah” in a rural village revolve around the doctor Haroun (Hani Adel), who tries to unravel the mystery of the murder of his beloved Farida (Hanan Turk) in an atmosphere of terror and suspense. It is noteworthy that the Egyptian actress wore the hijab in 2006, and later announced her retirement from art.


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