Mohamed Rahim attacks Amr Mostafa: You are living in a big lie … and stick to your boundaries with your colleagues news


Artist Mohamed Rahim sent a message to composer Amr Mostafa on his Facebook page.

Rahim said: “My friend Amr Mostafa, I saw your episode in the (The Divination) program for the media, Basma Wahba, and I had a comment about the truth. Look, Amr, I don’t never want you to live in a big lie and believe it, but I care that you don’t have this lie on people and try to convince some of the simple audiences about it. He does not know many needs about the secrets and mysteries of the profession. Our country is full of creative people with the highest level of talent, study and creativity, and everyone has his school and his experiences that are necessary to be respected. ”

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And he mentioned: “Everyone has made his own way and made an effort that is not underestimated. You are not entitled to reduce the limit, do not demean yourself, and do not confuse yourself with some of the creative sons of your profession who are all successful, whether singers or composers, work while you are silent and adhere to your limits. You are not more than a gear in Goa wheel, Goa factory, city of Goa, a whole country called the country of creativity, art, civilization, and the Hollywood of the East (Egypt).

Muhammad Rahim continued: “I always start a new page with you that comes back betraying friendship, living and salt, and surprises me with what is more serious than every time. Before that a lot, I was silent and said, I don’t need to enlarge the intended subject. You seriously provided it or enough wrong in the people. Enough mockery of people’s effort is enough transgression To all the people who were tormented and dug in the rock so that they would be her names, and I wish I would hear this response from the master of the musicians ’captain, the artist Hani Shaker, or the president of his association of authors and composers, Dr. Medhat al-Adl, but all of them heard the insult of people and kept silent and Ramadan Karim Muhammad Rahim.

My friend Amr Mostafa, I watched your episode in the Al-Sora Media program, Basma Wahba, and I had a comment about the truth. See, Amr, I am not at all …

Posted by Mohamed Rahim on Sunday, May 2, 2021

It is worth noting that the chapters of the “Sheikh of the Hara and the Daring” program of the fifth season contain the following paragraphs: “The danger triangle, your biography on every tongue, your temperature, black and white, Sheikh Al Hara, Enemy and No lover, what if, the critical moment.”

The program’s team also surprised the guests of the “Sheikh Al Hara” episodes at the end of the episode by transferring them to the virtual world.

“Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jareda” daily in the blessed month of Ramadan, immediately after Maghrib azan at 6:25 pm and the repeat at 12 midnight.

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