Mohamed Salah Abu Greisha: I love Zamalek football and respect the principles of Al-Ahly


Mohamed Salah Abu Greisha, the Ismaili star and former Egyptian national team, revealed that he was on the verge of moving to the Al-Ahly club during his glow with the dervishes, explaining that he did not regret the stumbling of the deal, and at the same time, if time returned to him, he would have moved to the Red Castle without hesitation.

And Mohamed Salah Abu Greisha said, in televised statements, to the story and game program, with Saif Zaher, on On Time Sports: “I respect Al-Ahly Club and Mikhha.

Former Darwish Najm added that he had two experiences outside Ismaili in the Border Guard and Kuwaiti Solidarity due to differences with the Board of Directors, explaining that he wanted to leave a position in the Ismaili administration four days after his success in the elections.

Abu Greisha explained that he was happy to work with Ahmed Sami as a general coach before, and he was close to working with him in Smouha during his current experience, although the latter is younger in age, explaining that there are several factors that hindered his escalation to the first man in the training profession, although he deserves the opportunity .


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