Mohamed Salah against Israel .. destroyed a Zionist team and prostrated in Palestine and made its tongue out to Maccabi fans (video and photos)


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Mohamed Salah The player of the first national team and the Liverpool team had faced several criticisms during the last period after his delay in renewing his clear position on violence against the Palestinian people during these days and preventing worshipers from being in Jerusalem.

And since it was Mohamed Salah He plays with the Swiss Basel shirt and his supportive stance for the Palestinian cause is crystal clear and everyone knows that he is a lover of the sisterly Palestinian state. In the following line, we review football stances that destroyed the hearts of the Israelis, when he was playing in the ranks of Basel.

Mohamed Salah during the Swiss match Basel and Maccabi

On August 6, 2013, he led the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah The Swiss team Basel to cross the Maccabi Tel Aviv hurdle in the third preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League, after a three-goal tie for each team.

And celebrate Mohamed Salah After scoring the second goal at the 21st minute in prostration in the occupied land of Palestine, especially since this was the second meeting between the two teams, and Salah’s team won the first-leg match with a clean goal, and the two teams tied with three in the second meeting in which the Egyptian star scored.

Basel coach Miurat Yakin pulled out Mohamed Salah In the 75th minute of the match, he was replaced by his colleague Mohamed Al-Nani in an attempt to secure the midfield area to stop the awakening of the Israeli team, so that the match ended in a draw and Basel rose to the next stage. And at the exit Mohamed Salah From the stadium, he took his tongue out to the fans of the Israeli team.

In the same year that the Swiss Basel team met with the Israeli Maccabi, he dodged Salah Of the Israeli flag in the passport hall at Tel Aviv airport, as shown in the following video.

And it was Mohamed Salah The star of Egypt and Liverpool, provided support to Palestine and its people, who face killing and violence in front of the Israeli army. Salah said on Twitter last Tuesday: “I call on all world leaders, including the prime minister of the country that has been my home for the past four years, to do everything in their power to make sure the violence stops and innocents are killed immediately. Enough is enough. The Egyptian star also changed the picture of his personal page on Twitter to a picture of him in front of the Dome of the Rock when he was playing in the Swiss Basel team.

Mohamed Salah during the Swiss match Basel and Maccabi

He was the Senegalese international player Sadio Mane and a teammate Salah In the team, he provided support to the Palestinian people in the events that the Palestinian people are going through in Jerusalem in front of the Israeli army and settlers who desecrated Al-Aqsa Mosque during the past days and evacuated Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. On his Instagram page, Mane published a picture of Jerusalem and commented, “Freedom for Palestine,” placing the Palestinian flag on the image.

A number of football stars gave messages of support to the Palestinian people, such as the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the star of Manchester City, and the Egyptian Mohamed El-Nani, the Arsenal team player, and his compatriot Mohamed Hassan (Trezeguet), the English-language Aston Villa player, the Moroccan, Ashraf Hakimi, the Italian Inter Milan player, and Islam Suleimani, the French Lyon striker, and Ismail Ben. Naser is an Italian AC Milan player

While absent from the support processions, the name of the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, did not arouse the anger of the Egyptians on social networking sites who wished that Salah would support the Palestinians, which the Egyptian star responded to today.


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