Mohamed Sami reveals the most prominent incident of betrayal (video)


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Director Muhammad Sami revealed the secret of his success, adding that he is keen to produce the artworks that he produces in the best way, and continued: “I love work, it comes out right, and most of my disagreements that happened in my life were related to work and have nothing to do with my personal life, and at a certain age, the way to express the disagreement. Not studied, and the one I learn ».

Regarding the most prominent incident in which he was exposed to betrayal in the artistic community, Sami said in his interview with the “Divination” program on the “axis” screen: “The most important thing was with a production manager. I was filming a video clip of a very important singer in an Arab country. Filming, the production director took the money and walked, and everything was gone. He took 500 thousand dollars and walked. ”

And if he betrayed any party from the artistic community, Sami said: “This issue worsens me psychologically all the time. I worked a deal with a Jordanian company that produced 3 singers, MacNosh singers, and I used to produce video clips for them, and it was in two songs I like and a song I don’t like, so I did two beautiful songs. And the third one, I made a video clip for him, a monster, that I was not convinced of what he wanted, but he was not convinced of him .. The video clip was a monster of shortcomings, and the singer is Amer, and I felt that I wronged him, and I didn’t mean and prepared to fix the mistake and make a video for him on my account.


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