Mohamed Sharif with “shisha” inside a cafe, before the meeting with Ghazl El Mahalla, video and photos


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Mohamed Sharif, player of the national team and Al-Ahly club, sparked controversy inside the Egyptian football sports street, especially Al-Ahly, after a video of him spread on social media sites, during which he breached the precautionary measures imposed by his club against the Corona virus.

Muhammad Sharif was not satisfied with this controversy. Rather, he raised the ire of many of the red crowds after someone sitting next to him appeared while carrying a “shishish” hose before smoking it inside a cafe in Greater Cairo.

Mohamed Sharif, Al-Ahly player

The man sitting next to him, Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly player, wore a “black T-shirt” and carried a hookah hose, and upon learning about filming the video, he hid it a little so that it did not appear in the video.

Mohamed Sharif, Al-Ahly player

The video did not show any smoke from the hookah next to Muhammad Sharif. All the matter is that the video showed a man sitting next to him, the player of the national and Al-Ahly team, carrying a hookah hose before smoking it, but the video also showed in its beginnings the presence of a person who did not show his face, leaving in front of him «Khartoum Shishah»


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