Mohamed Yousry to “Fi El Fan”: Yahya Al-Fakharani told me “You are a good actor” and my embodiment of a sociable and sound role. Acting exam | news


He drew attention to him by presenting two different characters in this Ramadan season. The audience loved the character of Mu’nis in “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” and sympathized with her and hated the character of Selim in “The Ragil.” For the two characters and the scenes of working with the star Yahya Al-Fakharani, the young artist, Mohamed Ibrahim Yousry, spoke to FilFan, and here are his most prominent statements

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– Preparing the character starts from my reading of the script, so I read the script twice, the first to know the work in general, and the second to learn about the role and then discuss with the director about the details of the character

Shooting two series at the same time is not difficult from a representative point of view, but it is very physically exhausting

– “Mu’nis” has many requirements for body language, and I agreed with director Shadi Al-Fakharani to add them. As for the character of Salim, I did not want to add requirements to him because he is a character, unfortunately very common in our world, unlike the character of Munis.

Mohammed Ibrahim Yousry

– Writer Abdul Rahim Kamal was able to draw the characters very well in the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash”, so we do not need to add details of the character.

– I approved the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” before reading the script. Working with the star Yahya Al-Fakharani is an honor for any actor. Likewise, the trio Yahya Al-Fakharani, Shadi Al-Fakharani and Abdel-Rahim Kamal presented great and important in the Egyptian drama, so I hoped to work with them.

– A sociable character was a challenge for me, I have never embodied such a character before, a sociable person who has a real problem and he wants to prove his personality to everyone, but he is weak in character, and from here the comedy appears

-Al Fakharani salutes a great human being and an artist who embraces everyone, which is comfortable for the actor, because working with him is free of tension, and I am proud to act with him

– Yahya Al-Fakharani told me, “You are a good actor” before knowing that I am the son of the artist Ibrahim Yousry, which is something that made me very happy and proud.

I consider working with Anushka one of the gains this year, as I cherish the good human relationship that brought us together and consider it my older sister.

– Happy with the reactions of the audience about Mu’nis and Nancy in “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” and Saleem, and he witnessed in “A Ragel” and half of this success belongs to Rana Rais, as she is a shared actress and was working in difficult circumstances

– I consider my introduction to the character of “Salim and Munis” and Ranas main embodiment of the character of “Shahd and Nancy” as an acting exam. The four personalities are different from each other and different from us as people.

Mohammed Ibrahim Yousry

– I prefer monitoring the reaction of the street than the reactions to the social media, because I consider the street the true measure of the performance of the actor, there are many artists that the social media considers successful, but the street does not share the same opinion.

– The most difficult thing in embodying Saleem is my knowledge of the character’s motives. Although he is an ugly and evil character, he has motives to do his actions.

– I cherish both the character of Mu`nis and Salim, and consider them a blessing from God. The two characters are in two important series and they are shown at the same time.

I am supposed to participate in a new series, but I cannot disclose its details now

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