Mona Zaki’s wedding dress designer in “Newton’s Game” responds to criticism of her appearing in a tight dress in a mosque | news


Fashion designer Mohamed Sami responded to criticism of Mona Zaki’s wedding dress in the series “Newton’s Game”, in exclusive statements to

Sami said: “The dress was criticized for being tight and not suitable for wearing in mosques, but this dress is not for an ordinary figure, it is designed for a dramatic context, it is in a (sociable) taste, which is presented by Muhammad Farraj, he is the one who bought the dress for his bride according to his taste, and he wanted her to She wears a veil, so he bought her a dress that was fitted with a hijab.

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He added: The personality of “Mu’nis” is opportunistic, as he bought a tight dress befitting the character of “here”, Mona Zaki. It is a dress suitable for non-veiled people, because it is tight, but with the addition of the veil, and also a long veil that hides all the details of her body.

He continued: This dress is a paving step for what comes after. In the scene of her return to Egypt, we find that she wore the loose veil, so it became clear that “Mu’nis” only wanted her to wear the veil on the first day of their marriage, to impose it on her after his way.

Regarding the time spent in designing the dress, fashion designer Muhammad Sami said: “It took us a month. Some people may wonder at the simplicity of the dress, but the long period of time comes because of our study of the work characters and choosing what suits the dramatic work and not only what suits Mona Zaki as a public figure. Dramatic and characters that have their nature written on paper. ”

Sami indicated that the dress is designed with lycra fabric, and the veil is of French Chantilly lace.

The story of the series “Newton’s Game” revolves around the journey of Hazem and Here, who plan in complete secrecy to have their child in American lands, but the adventure gets complicated bit by bit, and takes them to worlds that were never taken into account, and the events of the series were filmed in Egypt and the United States of America.

The series “Newton’s Game” starring Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Sayed Ragab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Mayan Al-Sayed, Osama Al-Hadi, and the Egyptian-American actor Adam El-Sharkawy, screenplay and writing supervision, Maha Al-Wazir, Scriptwriting and Dialogue Workshop Writers Maha Al-Wazir, Samar Abdel Nasser, Muhammad Al-Shakibi and Ammar Sabry, written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.

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