More than 25 km for 250 pounds … a request for a briefing to confront the high prices of transporting patients with the “ambulance”


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Representative Ahmed Muhanna, deputy of the Manpower Committee in the House of Representatives, submitted a request to be informed of the complaints and grievances of citizens from all over the Republic, regarding the insane increase in the prices of patient transport services through the ambulances (ambulances).

In the briefing request, Mhanna said that last August, the Ambulance Authority decided to increase insurance rates for external facilities, pay sick cases transfer, waiting hours with sick cases, as well as accompanying services, and the value of oxygen rental service to the public.

He continued: “By researching the matter, it became clear that there is a difference in the pricing of the ambulance and transportation inside Cairo from the governorates, and the pricing also differs from the transportation from the governorates to Cairo and also the internal transportation to the governorates. The ambulance is designated for the ambulance and it reports the situation, whether an emergency or a transfer case, as in emergency cases the ambulance transports the patient or the injured to the nearest government hospital free of charge without charging any fees, but in the case of moving the patient to a private hospital or transporting him to a hospital for treatment, but he needs an equipped car that arrives The cost is up to 25 km to 125 pounds, and if it exceeds 25 km, the cost is 250 pounds, and so on. In addition, in the case of waiting, the cost of the waiting hour reaches 100 pounds per hour, and breaking the hour is also counted as an hour.

He added, “In cases of governorates, a kilometer is calculated at 5 pounds. Otherwise, the state of transport is calculated at 325 pounds, as well as the accompanying case from one house to another at 500 pounds.”

And he went on to say: “We are facing a kind of business, and it is not a subsidized service provided by the ambulance service to patients, especially since the vast majority of them do not find a place in a government hospital, especially critical cases, as is the case and usual, so the patient is forced to go to a private hospital and incur amounts that exceed his capacity. Material, it is unreasonable in any way to bear on top of all these amounts and additional financial burdens in order to provide an equipped and safe means of transport for him ».

And Mhenni demanded that the necessary measures be taken regarding setting specific and unified pricing for that service, as was the case before, which is “50 pounds” or a little more, depending on the variables.

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