Mosimane asks to include the Sun Downs striker


South African press reports revealed this morning, Monday, that Betsu Musimani, coach of Al-Ahly’s first football team, wants to sign a player from Mamelodi Sun Downs during the upcoming summer transfer period to strengthen the ranks of the red genie next season.

According to the South African newspaper “The Citizen”, Al-Ahly coach puts Sun Downs striker Peter Shalolili at the top of his list of interests, in preparation for his inclusion in the next summer Mercato, especially after his admiration for his tremendous technical and physical abilities and his ability to seize the opportunities available to him in front of the opponents’ goal.

The newspaper pointed out that the transfer of the South African striker to the ranks of the Red Castle may witness some difficulties due to the financial compensation requested by the Sun Downs administration, which will amount to approximately 3 million dollars, in addition to the presence of another French club that entered into a struggle to include the Namibian international in the past few hours.

In another context, Al-Ahly is preparing for the upcoming confrontation in front of Ghazl El-Mahalla, to be held Monday evening at 9:30 pm at the “Ghazl El-Mahalla” stadium within the framework of the nineteenth round of the activities of the Egyptian Premier League championship.


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