Mr. Abdel Hafeez: I will wipe the tigress of Jihad Grisha … all that is counted by my claim, my delusion to Zamalek, speaks to me.


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, criticized Jihad Greisha, who managed the Zamalek and Pyramids match yesterday, for his mistake in calculating a fake penalty for the white team – as he described it _.

He said in statements to Al-Ahly TV: “Would you wipe out the jihad tigress Grisha from Mobily. Everything that is wrong he speaks to me, he apologizes to me.

He added: “Muhammad Al-Sabahi, the video referee in yesterday’s match, when I raised my eyebrows to him only gave me a warning, and a match was suspended and a fine of 50 thousand pounds was imposed on me, but yesterday he did not see interference with the facility. Al-Sabahi has a very big problem. Video referee in 4 matches counts 6 kicks.” An error penalty! Is there a follow-up or oversight? The opponent was judged yesterday. “

And he continued: “Ahmed Al-Adawi judged for Zamalek almost 3 times, 5 penalties were awarded to them. Amr Ramadan, who was a first-class referee for the first time in his life, counted two penalties and expulsions in the Hodod Guards match, meaning slaughter and skinning, and I do not say that the referees (they mean me). Like other people, this talk is a defect and it is not correct to say it, but I ask Wajih Ahmed if there is a review of the rulers ’decisions.

He concluded: “Very happy despite the fact that Maarouf did not count Hussein Al-Shahat’s penalty kick, because it is the first time in the 17 matches that the referee is called to review a video clip of Al-Ahly.”


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