Muhammad Huneidi appears in the character of Kazem El Saher with a surprising comment .. Watch


The comedian, Mohamed Heneidy, posted a picture of him on his personal and official account on the social networking site Facebook, where he posed in that image the character of the famous Iraqi artist, Kazem El-Saher.

Muhammad Huneidi also commented on that picture, with words from a song by the artist Kazem El Saher, and he said, I love you to increase and Samchi, and among those comments on the image, the artist Chico, who commented saying: It is impossible and your handsomeness increase more than this.

Mohamed Henedy
Mohamed Henedy

Henedi is strongly present on social media, despite his disappearance from the artistic scene a while ago, while he was the victim of the ninth episode of the Ramez Aklıt program, presented by the artist Ramez Jalal, which is shown in the current Ramadan drama season.

The artist, Ramez Jalal, received the artist Mohamed HenedyFrom the scenes with the song Heneidy Jay, now to the tones of Lulaki’s song, Heneidy, come on.

Mohamed Henedy
Mohamed Henedy

Ramez Jalal presented that episode with several comments, and Henedi said that he drew a map of comedy in the nineties and changed the standards of the movie star, and his poems will remain a reference for all comedians. .

Ramez Jalal mocked Henedy in the House Ball game, and said that he does the cartilage surgery, he is walking in Ghett Dora, he is behind a mouse in the kitchen, and in the same context, Henedy surprised his fans by announcing his participation in the PUBG Mobile game, starting from the blessed Eid al-Fitr.


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