Muhammad Huneidi shows his handsomeness and gives the trend to Baha Sultan, my lady


A comedic paradox that happened with the star Mohamed Henedy Who wanted to cuddle his fans as usual, so he published a picture of him by blocking the popular singer Bahaa Sultan, and borrowed the words of the Iraqi singer Kazem El Saher, “Say I love you to increase my handsomeness.” The irony is that the image gave Baha Sultan Trend on Twitter in Egypt, while some speculated that Henedy is trying to imitate fashion designer Hani. Buhairy.

Mohamed Henedy
Mohamed Heneidy wonders at Bahaa Sultan’s lead in the trend

Heneidy posted a picture of Trend on Twitter in Egypt, wondering who Baha Soltan issued, and commented on it, saying: I don’t understand why one day I downloaded a picture .. Bahaa Sultan and Hani Al-Buhairy are the ones who remain Trend, not me! ”

It is noteworthy that Henidi is waiting for the release of his new film “Al-Ins and Nemes” in the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr season. The events of the film revolve around a love story that brings him together with Menna Shalaby, but this story is spoiled by Amr Abdel-Jalil, who is participating in the work championship.

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