Muhammad Ramadan responds to Hamas after attacking the Moussa series and filming Gaza


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Reply Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan On Islamic resistance movement Or what is known as “Hamas”, which criticized him attacking “Al-Zaj” in the name of Gaza in the series in which he is starring.

Ramadan said in a post on his official Facebook page: “I ask to watch the rest of the series before the threat and sow discord between me and the honorable people of Gaza .. In the work events when Musa was injured, they treated and took care of him while he was not a drug dealer, but he learned in Gaza honest trade and they helped him morally and financially because of the brothers Arabic until he became a successful businessman and for juvenile science in 1943. ”

The Egyptian artist’s response came to a report published by “Erm News”, in which he stated that “Hamas attacked the Egyptian artist, Muhammad Ramadan, against the backdrop of the events of his Ramadan series ‘Musa, part of which is taking place in the Gaza Strip in the 1940s of the last century.” The director of the movement’s artistic production department, Muhammad Abu Thuraya, said that “Hamas condemns the name of the Gaza Strip in the Egyptian series, Musa.”

Abu Thuraya said, according to his statements to Erm News, that “there is targeting the Gaza Strip, sometimes through technical normalization with Israel, and sometimes by targeting the Strip as a axis of resistance in an attempt to distort facts and history.”


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