Muhammad Salah Abu Greisha: Ismaily is threatened with relegation to the second division


Mohamed Salah Abu Greisha, the Ismaili star and former Egyptian national team, blew a surprise of a heavy caliber, admitting the existence of tampering in the contracts of some Ismaili players in the recent period. No one dared to expose it. “

And Mohamed Salah Abu Greisha said in televised statements, to the story and game program, with Saif Zaher, on On Time Sports: “Ismaily is threatened with relegation to the second division league, and if it happened to you, it would be the beginning of the club’s loss, and it would be a shock that the fans could easily overcome, I don’t doubt. Ihab Jalal’s value and experience, but the atmosphere inside the club is difficult. “

The former dervish star explained: “It has more than one reason for the collapse of the Ismailis in the recent period, including the neglect of the youth sector and academies, the failure of the board of directors to spend on the club, failure to support with strong deals, a rift between the board of directors and the fans, and the disappearance of the club’s children from the scene.”

Abu Greisha added, “Ismaily pays the tax of bad choices for deals at the beginning of the season. The team needs a strong striker and a leading goalkeeper on the field. The team suffers from a lack of experience.”


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