Muhammad Sami answers … Did the primacy of names cause Muhammad Ramadan to leave?


10:53 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

Director Mohamed Sami denied that he abandoned the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, due to the series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”, which is currently shown on the on screen in Ramadan 2021.

Sami said in his interview with Basma Wahba, the presenter of the “Al-Arafa” program, which is shown on the “axis” screen: “The series was supposed to starring Muhammad Ramadan with the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, but that does not mean that I abandoned him.”

He added: “Muhammad Ramadan and I have a great friendship and have achieved successes together in a way that cannot be overlooked, but as for the series (Nassal Al Ghurab) there was a difference in artistic views, we met with the producer and director on the 2nd of Ramadan last year and we agreed that the series will be starring Al Saqqa and Ramadan.” .

And he continued: “When I was doing the series (Al-Prince), I went before that on the series Saqqa, and postponed it to this year because of the series Muhammad Ramadan, and he knew that I had contracted for the series Al-Saqqa, and at that time I wrote the series (Nassal Al-Ghurab), and the series met their admiration, but They differed because of the primacy of the Asami or any name right and the second to the north, and all these words are wrong and every one is known as Finn, and in 1000 ways to make the two stars satisfied. “

He explained: “There were disputes over other needs, and I found that the topic will not work in cooperation with Ahmed Al-Sakka and Muhammad Ramadan, so I decided that I would commit to cooperating with Al-Sakka, and Muhammad Ramadan did not give up the series (Nassal Al-Ghurab), but he abandoned the idea that he is working a series starring two stars. “.

“Naseel Al-Agrab” starring the stars: Ahmed El-Sakka, Amir Karara, Mai Omar, Ahmed Malik and others, written and directed by Muhammad Sami.

The “Divination” program is an extension of Basma Wahbas Ramadan programs, which depend on uncovering the finest details of the stars and their secrets and showing them the other side, which leads to a great shock to the guests and viewers.

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