Muhammad Sami: Ghada Abdel Razek wronged me the most … And God blessed me with my right (video)


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Director Muhammad Sami said that losing his rights in disputes because of his emotion is the biggest problem he faces, explaining: “These are the words of those close to me. They are two minutes in my life. About the necessary ».

Sami added, in his interview with the “divination” program on the “axis” screen: “As for the person who wronged me the most, it is the artist Ghada Abdel Razek, and with time I felt that our Lord Almighty was fine with me.”

He continued: “She came to me in front of the Arab, and she stood and greeted me and said to me: I’m feeling upset with me .. I worked with her a good job and it contained salt and sustenance, and I worked with me. Post-problem behaviors with her, and many words were said to me that was not true. ».

And he added: “Ghada Abdel Razek did not want to be alone all the time, but the final result was that I came out with a position on it, and after that, our Lord will honor according to the diligence of each one of us, and I, our Lord, have honored me a lot.”


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