Muhammad Sami on his attack and Mai Omar: “There are people who want to stay where we are.”


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Director Muhammad Sami talked about his relationship with his wife, the actress Mai Omar, saying: “He is doing something other than that I cursed her as a husband, not as a director ?! Feared blessings ».

Sami added, in his interview with the media, Basma Wahba, on the “Divination” program on the “Axis” screen: “As for dealing with her in the location, I dealt with her differently from time to time, as she showed 10% of her capabilities in front of the camera and I was very excited, because it is She performed better in rehearsals, and this was due to her inexperience. ”

He continued: “My love for her was a change in my mind, and her want remains the best, because she is my beloved, and therefore I remained very tough on her. I was very harsh and treated her in a very wrong way, and I shook her and said to her, my daughter, and our colleagues used to tell me that she is comfortable with her, she is still starting, and after A little bit of emotion, he stayed from another region, and when she remained sharing and remained with her, the experience of the subject differed, and when she remained a star, she kept braking myself.

He continued: “Once we were in Paris she said to me a sentence that bothered me too much, I don’t take your mind that you are in photography you remain more excited about me because I am the closest to you, and this topic annoys me and embarrasses me because we are in the midst of people.” The media responds to him, Basma Wahba, saying: “Origin you will not leave You have the order and walk. ”Sami replied to her:“ No, of course, you don’t walk and leave the location because of her and not for me, and in general I responded to her and told her I’m afraid of you and your want to stay good, but she told me that you are afraid of the rest and you don’t deal with them like me, and from that day on. I continued to deal with it in a different way, especially now that I have continued to deal with it professionally and dressed like all actors .. She is a professional, caring and sharing person.

On her exposure to the attack, he said: “This is because of my presence. People from the first said that Mai succeeded because of her husband, and there is no need for her name like that, and the“ Louloua ”series was an absolute heroism for her and succeeded in the entire Arab world, and the people who write on social media have many needs that remain needs of people and people Real, but I want to be in our place. ”


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