Muhammad Sami’s episode in The Divination, in which he revealed the secret of Al-Gretli’s mysterious question before her death


Hosting the media, Basma Wahba, in the divination program yesterday evening, director Mohamed Sami, who revealed all the details of his relationship with the late artist Ahlam Al-Gretli, and about what happened between them behind the scenes of the series “The Generation of the Strangers” that is currently shown in the Ramadan drama.

Muhammad Sami in The Divination Reveals the details of his relationship with the late Ahlam Al-Gretli

The artist is announced Mohamed Sami About his intense love for the late artist Ahlam Al-Gretli, and that he was always flirting with her and contradicting her during the filming of the series, and she considered him her son, and he talked about her, saying, “I loved this lady very much, and I worked with her a lot, and I had a very special relationship with her, like what you say she used to say, Muhammad my son, And I contradicted her all the time, as if she had 18 years old.

Sami continued, saying, “We danced while she was in the location, and a day later, she and Amir Karara and Ahmed Dash were standing, and two weeks before that she said that she was tired, and after that we were doing a scene and she asked me a very strange question, she said to me: Are you going to get upset when I die? I sat with her a lot too much, and the next day we did not have filming, and the day after that we had photography, after that I found the artistic producer telling me to tell me Ms. Ahlam died, I couldn’t understand.

In March, Sami mourned the artist Ahlam Al-Gretli after her death while posting a video clip through his personal account on Facebook, and he appeared in it with the late during the scenes of a drama while training her in a dance.


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