Muhammad Sami’s party .. These artists supported the director of “The Offspring of the Strangers” in his crisis news


With the hashtag “Support the director Mohamed Sami”, a campaign to support the director Mohamed Sami was launched in which many artists participated after his crisis with the United Company and the suspension of dealing with him.

This campaign came after the United Company for Media Services announced in a statement that a decision had been taken to stop dealing with director and screenwriter Mohamed Sami, and following the decision, negative comments spread by some artists and the public about the crisis.

The participants from the artists varied between praises of working with Sami, mentioning humanitarian stances and messages of support in his crisis, led by the artist Edward, who sent a message of support to director Mohamed Sami.

Edward posted on his Twitter account his picture with Sami and wrote: “I support director Mohamed Sami against the smear campaign that some colleagues are carrying out, and for that, by saying his testimony is a right to director Mohamed Sami. He loves and loves the actor very much. “

He added, “He gets the best of what he has, and because no one says that I work with him all people, I know that I work with him and with others, and I do not work with him. Praise be to God. I am my history in cinema and drama is great, and I work with many people. This is a true testimony, but I must say it.”

As for the artist Ahmed Zahir, he praised the director Mohamed Sami and his role in his life after participating in several works of his directing, sending a message of support to him after the crisis.

In a post on his Facebook account, Ahmed Zahir published a picture that he collected with Muhammad Sami and commented on it, “I am not against the decision of the United Nations, because it is certain that he has reasons and is on the way to a solution, God willing, I am against the campaign of ugly distorting his reputation and the person of Muhammad Sami who is being carried out by some colleagues and some committees “I am against defaming anyone, not only Muhammad Sami.”

Zahir added, “This man, I know him for 11 years, and I worked with him more than five works. I saw nothing of good, respect and appreciation for talent, and by saying it, I will say it throughout my life. Muhammad Sami is the one who changed my life after the will of our Lord, Glory be to Him, and I will not forget this credit for him.” He is the one who made me lose 100 kilos in order to hold on to me in the series Hayat Hayat, and this is the role that changed my life and followed by many successes and all with him, the last of which is # Fathi in # Al-Prince, and this was another turning point in my life.

Zahir concluded, “You think about what I saw from all the good, respect, appreciation, talent and success. All of this was not his side and I support him. I do not have anything in my hands to do except that I say a true testimony that God knows, glory be to Him, and I want you, but I think that Muhammad Sami is the same director for whom they spent all the years. She passed, and who of us is without sin. ”

As for the artist, Menna Fadali, she praised his morals behind the camera and his talent in directing through a post on her account on Facebook, in which it was stated: “I know Muhammad Sami from years and my age. I have not worked with him. I am the witness to God when I worked with Professor Muhammad Sami. I am very respectful with me, and I benefited from the job. With him, he is a very sharing director and has many successful works. ”


Fadali added, “And I am not drumming because no one is saying a drum because of work. I am saying the truth of our Lord.”

Actress Nour supported director Mohamed Sami after his recent crisis, and published a picture of her in the company of Muhammad Sami and commented saying: “Mohamed Sami is a talented, participant, artist and distinguished director. I worked with him more than once and what I saw from him is nothing but respect, brotherhood, appreciation and jealousy for the job, and Before all this is the son of kind and respectful people, ”


She added, “Mohamed Sami is a great director, and his works bear witness to this and talk about him. Art work belongs to the public, art is views, and everyone sees the artwork as he wants. And the struggle that each one of us is doing is a place. ”

Actress Hedy Karam announced her rejection of the smear campaign that director Mohamed Sami is subjected to, and on her official Facebook page, she wrote, “I am not against or against the decision of the Egyptian media that I took against director Mohamed Sami because the decision is certain. This is for reasons and, God willing, every need will be resolved.” The water returns to its stream. ”


Hedy Karam added, “I am against the defamation campaign that is taking place in the social media that aims to distort him and sow hatred against him. Muhammad Sami is a talented director in all the meanings of the word and very respectful, and I personally had a personal stance with him in the Louloua series in which he supported me psychologically, morally and very morally with I did not know him well, but he stood up to the truth, a respectable man. ”

The artist, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, praised director Mohamed Sami’s positions with her and the opportunities she tried and defended with all force through a post on her account on Facebook, in which it says: “The director who had a great opportunity and people knew about me and asked about a role with an area and the most important role (Marwa) in the series Lu’lu` in the series. A new face is still no one knows him just because he is confident in my talent and I said, I said, no one will know how to do this role other than the roar of Abdel Nasser, the professor who always supports me, whether in front of me or not, and talks about me in front of big stars. ”


And she added, “When the person who healed me after the show of the series and the success that happened, he asked me a very important question about the relative, and without introductions like that and without what he knows about her or I talked about it. Very she gets. ”

The artist Mohamed Mahran defended the director Mohamed Sami, and published a picture that he collected with Muhammad Sami and commented on it, saying, “For a man, this man didn’t see me once in the theater in 2015, and I said that we will work with some, and I will not work after him in the year 2020 when I worked with him in the Al-Prince series, and after that we stayed working with him.” With some of him I did not see a need for pure solitude, and I did not have any personal interest, and he was very supportive of me and my talent, and any actor whose goal would be to work with a director who is sharing and safe in him and I don’t when you see this director cv, you will not be able to say other than that he is an important and shared director. The actor gets the best of what he has. ”

Muhammad Mahran added, “A note to some people who talk about paralysis, I am my age in my life, I have never met Professor Muhammad Sami, the scope of work .. I have a complex with him in the Masharch Cafe with him. I have a relationship, affection, respect and work, but only.”

The artist, Hamdi Heikal, wrote through his Facebook account, “Without any bids or compliments, thank God I have many works and have worked with a large number of directors in many works over the past years to the present.”

Hamdi added, “I have not seen director Mohamed Sami other than all kindness and treated respectfully with me, and it does not mean that I hear from anyone any need that I will believe in order to believe any need that is said or done. I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my eyes, because I believe that I heard what some are saying, but I will not see it with the eyes of the livelihood.” In God’s hand, and we are all reasons for some. ”


The artist Ahmed Majed wrote on Facebook, “A word of truth worked with the man. This is the legend born of the ghetto, the prince, and the offspring of strangers. My life, I have not seen a monster position and no mistake all the time. His words are support and words that make one think about what came before what he saw from him other than every respect and respect after every scene and he worked to do it.” It is fine and I always hear that he says in my back the best and the best of words. For now I say in the back his testimony and the word of truth, and our Lord is witness to what he says. ”


And the artist Fouad Abdel Moneim supported the director Mohamed Sami in a post on Facebook, in which he said, “Thank you Professor Mohamed Sami for every need of support, appreciation and confidence. I am at the top of my happiness. I am part in an artistic work full of a large planet of the brightest stars and artists diligently. I learned a lot, so the experience is this ♥ ️” ♥ Receive your hands to my beloved Mohamed Sami, and very much, Bakht, the actor whom Mohamed Sami loves. ”

He added, “His testimony is true (Sami is a man who respects and appreciates the one who respects his work and makes him happy and this is the secret of his success)

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