Mujahid: I hope the clubs will follow the Al-Ahly approach


Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee of the Football Association, confirmed that he hoped the clubs would follow Al-Ahly’s approach, noting that he thanked the Red Club.

Mujahid said, in radio statements to “On Sport FM” this evening, Sunday: “Al-Ahly is grateful for its willingness to hold the Tigris and Ceramica matches during the suspension period for the Olympic team camp before the Tokyo Olympics.”

He added: “The question now is, is it possible for other clubs to play during that period? Al-Ahly, for example, has two postponed matches against Aswan and the clearing, and there is a postponed match for Pyramids and others.”

He continued: “Therefore, it is possible to use the suspension period to hold some matches. Are the rest of the clubs going to play 4 weeks during that period or not?”

And he continued: “We are doing all this in order to end the league in August. At that time, all matters will be resolved if the clubs agree to play during the suspension period of the Olympic team.”

He revealed: “There may be some changes – but not certain – in the international agenda for official matches in Africa, which may affect the league as well.”

He explained, “We will meet with the clubs this week, and I hope that the clubs will show some flexibility and give up their rights due to the pressure of the matches so that we can end the league early.”

“The best solution is to end the league on August 30th instead of September 30th, or it may also be terminated on August 15 before completing the cup matches,” the Football Association president concluded.


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