Mujahid: We may end the season before September 30 … the summit is on time.


Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek will be held on time, adding that the committee admits the existence of arbitration errors.

During radio statements for the “Al-Wash Al-Thani” program broadcast on Radio On Sport, Mujahid said: “We held a meeting today, Tuesday, with the Premier League clubs (Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Ghazal El-Mahalla did not attend). “.

He added, “Some clubs have reservations about the proposal to play without players from the Olympic team, such as Pyramids and Al-Ittihad, and some have agreed, with difficulty, to solve the crisis.”

He continued, “We discussed with Hossam Al-Badri (coach of the first team) and Shawqi Gharib (coach of the Olympic team), and there is a proposal to try to take advantage of two weeks to hold matches for the Egypt Cup (with all players).”

And he continued: “We are considering introducing dates for some matches, but in the end the deadline to end the season is September 30th, and it may be earlier.”

He explained: We are seeking to end the competition schedule next August instead of September, based on the new African registration regulations. We are only waiting for an official letter from FIFA to postpone the 2022 World Cup qualifiers (which will be held next June).

Regarding the date of the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, he said: “The summit match will be on schedule, and all matches will be held on schedule and with Egyptian rulers, and there will be no change in the match dates before next May 24.”

He continued, “We acknowledge the existence of arbitration errors, but the page for foreign referees has been closed.”

He concluded: “There is an attempt to provide match dates (after May 24), and we accept criticism regarding the announcement of the dates for the full league table, but the purpose was to confirm that the last date for the season is September 30th.”


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