Musimani settles on the list of those leaving Al-Ahly in the summer: it includes 6 players


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South African Betsu Musimane, coach of Al-Ahly club, is preparing to present the list of players he wants to dispense with after the end of the season to the planning committee and Amir Tawfik, the club’s contracting officer.

Musimani is expected to present the list to Al-Ahly officials in mid-June, while 6 players have been identified until the moment for the club to work on marketing them.

Musimani decided that the list of those who departed from Al-Ahly next season will include the center of defense Saad Samir, right-back Ahmed Ramadan Beckham and midfielder Nasser Maher, in addition to the trio of attacking lines Walter Bwalia, Salah Mohsen and Marwan Mohsen.


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