Mustafa Younes demands the dismissal of Musimani … and sends an angry message to Mahmoud Al-Khatib –


Mustafa Yunus, a former Al-Ahly player and the Egyptian national team, attacked South Africas Betso Mosimane, Al-Ahly coach, due to the loss from Ghazl El-Mahalla in the Egyptian League Championship.
“The difference between a coach and another is knowing my players’ strengths and weaknesses in order to work on it and develop the player,” Yunus said in his statements.

Mustafa Yunus added, “Al-Ahly is much larger than Musimani, and it is not entitled to train the Red Castle. Peg loss on the referee.

He added, “There is a difference between a coach who makes a player and a player who makes a coach. Manole Jose, the player who made Al-Ahly, is the one who made him, and not the other way around.”

“Manuel Jose has finished with the Egyptian clubs of the most important players, and half of the team’s players were Ismaili, instead of his defect leaving the youth sector.”

– Stay tuned and anxious in Smouha before facing Zamalek in the league … What did Faraj Amer say?

In a different context, Engineer Mohamed Farag Amer, president of Smouha Club, commented on his team’s confrontation against Zamalek, which will be held tomorrow at 9:30 pm, at Cairo Stadium, within the 19th round of the Egyptian League.

Faraj Amer said during his statements on the program “The Stars in Ramadan with Reham Sweilem,” the Zamalek match is very difficult, because the white team has an organized defensive and offensive team.
The president of Smouha added, “Zamalek has two skilled players at the individual level, but we trust Smouhas players to overcome the Zamalek hurdle in tomorrow’s match.”

Regarding arbitration errors, he explained: “The arbitration errors are unintended, but the referees tension due to pressure is what leads to errors..
And he continued: “Smouha is a succession of referees after he tied in 6 or 7 matches due to unintended arbitration errors, and he must not care about the color of the T-shirt.”

He pointed out that: “We used to have good referees, but at the present time there is a big retreat due to the referees entering the match with great tension for fear of making mistakes, indicating that there is a team whose blood is permissible like Smouha, but without intending it.”


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