My husband sold the shoes of the greatest basketball player in history for 152.5 thousand dollars – the athlete – all games


Two pairs of “Nike Air Jordan” sneakers that were used by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan during his first season in the NBA, for 152500 dollars (126,398 euros) on Wednesday, as part of an auction allocated by Sotheby’s shoes Sports Celebrities.

Sotheby’s has organized its “Gamers Only” auction (for players only), which is its first global auction of sports shoes, which is held exclusively online. It included 13 pairs of sneakers worn by some of the most famous “NBA” names, including Scotty Pippen and Shaquille O’Neal, according to “Euronews”.

These pieces were previously displayed in Geneva, along with exceptional jewelry, watches and handbags, during a week of auctions organized by “Sotheby’s” entitled “Week of Luxury” in the Swiss city.

“Sotheby’s” said that “Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes not only changed the shape of sports shoes forever, but also formed one of the pillars of the culture of sports shoes.”

The two pairs of sneakers that went on sale on Wednesday are in red, black and white; The colors of the “Chicago Bulls” were used by Michael Jordan in his first season in “NBA” (1984-1985).

Michael Jordan, now 58, has been crowned NBA champion six times and is widely ranked as the greatest basketball player in the history of the game.

Sotheby’s Global Luxury Unit Global Manager Josh Pollan noted that there were “some signs of wear at the level of the toe and around the heel, which gives an idea of ​​what was happening during the matches in which they used them,” Michael Jordan.

Pollan pointed out that the source of the pair of shoes is “someone who knew Jordan personally, which makes their originality complete.” State Warriors “Best NBA Player” for the second time in a row.

The pair of yellow and blue shoes that Currie wore over four matches sold for $ 20,800 (17,239 euros).

Also, two pairs of “Adidas Superstars” sneakers worn by Karim Abdul-Jabbar during the 1979-1980 season with the “Los Angeles Lakers” when he won the NBA and “Best Player” titles (for the sixth time) were sold for $ 18,030 ( 14944 euros).



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